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Letter from Revd John Saxon

Dear Friends

Happy New Year! No, not a premature exultation before wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, but a good wish for the Church’s New Year! The church’s year begins with the season of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas. It is a season of preparation and expectation.

The shops, it seems to me, haven’t been preparing for their Christmas season quite as early this year, (or have I just not noticed?) but I expect most of us by now have preparations well underway. Against the commercialism of the Christmas season, the expectation in advent is not for the gathering of family and friends around a special meal, nor for the excitement of giving and receiving gifts, but because of the coming (adventus) of Christ in his incarnation. Christmas is the celebration of God’s son revealed to us in Jesus Christ, fully human and fully God, as the Bethlehem baby in the familiar Christmas stories.

So, in the run up to 25 December, among the busy preparations and exciting expectations, take time out to pause and consider just what the season is all about: Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. And he is, still, with us, in a very real sense, if we but turn to him in prayer. Christmas images of stars and lights alongside themes of hope, peace and love reflect the outcome of the Jesus story in his anticipated return at the end of time. The time when this seemingly hopeless world, full of so much violence and hatred, will be restored to God’s rule of justice and peace.

You are most welcome to join us for our joint Debden and Wimbish Advent Carol service, Sunday 3 December at 4pm in Debden church, as we start to look forward to the Christmas season in church. In addition, do join Dawn and I for a time of Advent Prayer in the rectory where we will think a little of what prayer is and then pray for ourselves and each other this Christmas time. Do check the church notices for more details about this and other Christmas services where you will be most welcome.

On behalf of the fellowship at WImbish church, we wish and pray for you all to have a Christmas full of hope, peace and love, whatever you are doing. Oh and of course – a happy New Year for January the first!

Christmas Blessings

Revd John Saxon

Revd John Saxon
Asst Curate, Saffron Walden and Villages Team Ministry
01799 541619