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Important dates

Flower Festival June 8th and 9th from 12.00

'Forty Days and Forty Nights'

further details please see 'What's On'

Wimbish Walkers will be walking from the church in a circular route to return to the church for lunch on Sunday June 9th. Please join them if you would prefer a walk rather than a church service.

Start 10.30 park on the field. Details from Penny Browne 01799 599431 email pennybrowne@hotmail.com

Saturday September 7th Afternoon Tea with Evensong in Church

Saturday October 19th Coffee Morning in St Pauls 10.00- 11.30am


Church opening

Should you wish to visit the church for contemplation or to have a look around please contact Tracey Thurgood Buss (01799 523358) who will arrange for the church to be opened .




Dear Friends

I am pleased to live in a multicultural democracy. There may be challenges and differences that have to be faced, but a society that strives to be accommodating, inclusive and fair is surely something we should all be working towards. But to quote Hamlet in Shakespeare, ‘therein lies the rub.’ We all have different ideas of what it means to be accommodating, inclusive and fair and so a harmonised society must negotiate good agreement about our differences, not least with those elected as our local and national leaders. In a country that declares free speech, we may well choose to express our opinion, but that does not give the right to impose it. Living with disagreement is a challenge for society, but for the church also and we would do well to take the Archbishop’s of Canterbury, Justin Welby’s advice – to disagree well.

May will see the Local Elections take place for our Parish and District Councillors. Whatever the outcome, we should first concede that to stand for Public Office is hard, relentless work, juggling ever dwindling resources and greater public expectations. It is often thankless too, inevitably never being able to please everyone. As much as we may rally round to champion a particular cause, speak against a specific course of action or just sit on the fence in bewilderment at the options before us, let as first and foremost respect people’s heartfelt beliefs, best endeavours and good intentions. By all means, work hard and passionately to gain a consensus with others, but be gracious, considerate and appreciative towards others working for the same ends too.

At the time of writing this letter, Brexit is still very much dominating news with a further extension period for a withdrawal agreement to gain Parliament assent. Whatever is agreed there will still be much work and healing to do to restore faith and trust in national politics. However, as Christians there is always hope for a better future. That is the message of the Easter Story we have just celebrated. It is the resurrected Jesus himself who said to the disciples who still doubted, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me…. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18 and 20. As Christians, we trust and pray for that day when all things will come under the reign and rule of a loving God and powerful saviour. Until that time, we pray that all wisdom and love will be with our elected local and national leaders – whether we agree with their ideas or not!

Best wishes,

Rev’d John Saxon