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Giving in Grace is a brief biblical look at Christian giving. On this page you will find two sermons preached in church in February encouraging us all to review our Christian Giving. This was before the coronavirus pandemic but is particularly timely now as with church services suspended our service collections are no longer available. Giving in Grace reminds us to see we have everything through God’s grace. Our response therefore should be thoughtful, purposeful and sacrificial as part of our worship. Committing to giving regularly is part of this, and although contributing to the collection plate is a legitimate and valued response, now is a good time to consider regularly giving through a bank standing order. It does not rely on church attendance and ensures your intention of giving to the mission and ministry of the church is not neglected.

May I encourage you to listen to the sermons, perhaps for a second time if you were at church in February, and if you are able and willing to set up a regular means of bank payment to the church. Our Treasurer, Mrs Fran Johnson will be able to assist with this. Remember, Gift Aid your donation if you are a taxpayer as we get an extra 25p for every pound given.
Many thanks for your support.

Rev’d John Saxon
Asst Curate
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Mrs Fran Johnson
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Important information

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Note John's virtual servce 10.00am on Sunday please contact him for details

1 April 2020

Coronavirus (Covoid 19) Infection

Following the initial fast changing situation, Wimbish Church, following guidance from the Government, the Church of England and the Diocese of Chelmsford continues to be be shut for public services and for private prayer. Unfortunately, until things change there will be no Sunday Services, church activities or meetings until further notice.

Please be assured that the church, the body of people living out their lives as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, have not shut down, nor gone away. In these changing times we are learning to live our lives differently, as we are all having to do.

The Church of England and Chelmsford Diocese has released many resources to help people pray at home, including bible reading and reflections and livestreaming services from some places. There are also the normal regular services and some extra ones broadcast on Radio 4. Other resources and links will also be available on the church website and that of St Mary’s Saffron Walden. Links may be found below.

As the local church, the Saffron Walden and Villages Team Ministry aim to produce some resources regularly. In Wimbish, principally this will be a Grapevine News sheet, a simple liturgy to use with the Sunday bible readings along with some thoughts and reflections and associated prayers. These will be on the St Mary’s Church, Saffron Walden website. I hope to lead a service at home following these resources via a conferencing app Zoom. Details of this can be obtained by contacting me as below. At a local level in the village, the church will make sure people without internet access have resources they need. Please contact me in the first instance if you wish to receive information in other ways.

Of course, the church is here to help serve the community and if anyone has need of shopping, prescription pick-ups or similar help, again please contact me in the first instance. In days of being at home and isolating ourselves, now may be a good chance to catch up with each other with a friendly phone call, particularly to those we know to be more alone. It is interesting to see the different communities pulling together to help each other. Christ calls us to love one another and it seems now is the time to do just that. May we all know the love of God through the good works, kindness and thoughtful relationships we have between us.

Best wishes


Rev’d John Saxon

Asst Curate, Saffron Walden and Villages Team ministry

01799 541619 07484 332734 debdenwimbishcurate@gmail.com










We are committed to Safeguarding children, young people, and vulnerable adults. 

The PCC has adopted the Church of England’s policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England’s website: www.churchofengland.org/more/safeguarding

Our safeguarding representative is Mary Curtis 01799 524784 maryfcurtis@live.co.uk


April letter from John Saxon

Dear Friends

I wrote last month of the season of Lent being a period of self-examination. Whatever is going on in our private lives, it seems there is much to reflect on in the world around us. There is the coronavirus contagion that dominates the news headlines at every term and the tightening guidelines to help stop its spread throughout our nation and of course the world. As I write, I am just beginning to hear of people selecting to self-isolate in response to guidance being given. By the time you read this, I expect there will be more stringent measures being advised.

At a more local level, there has been the tragic death of Val Jasunus from our village. The circumstances of her death has not been detailed and perhaps some supposition has filled in the gaps for the news that has been spreading around the village. What is certain though is that it is a tragedy for the whole family leaving many in the community bewildered. It was good to have a small number from the village join us for our prayer group early in March reflecting on and praying for those affected by this tragic event.

A bible reading I used at a Sunday service recently was John 9:1-12. It is the story of a man born blind being healed by Jesus. The religious leaders looking on seemed more interested in what the ‘sin’ was that caused the blindness and where the authority of Jesus to heal came from, rather than the miracle of restored sight itself.

This is a good message for us too. Sometimes, we are like the religious leaders and can be too focused on the cause of the problem - the ‘why has this happened?’ question. Whereas we should be more focused on our response – the ‘what shall I do, how should I respond?’ question, which of course is what Jesus focuses on and brings healing to the man.

I certainly haven’t got answers to all the why questions we may have and I suggest people of any faith with integrity would never claim to have them. However, in faith I can claim the hope we have in the message of Easter – that even the darkness of death can be overcome with resurrection new life in Jesus. In the face of the coronavirus and a tragic death, I find Jesus gives comfort, peace and the possibility of new beginnings in a sometimes-bewildering world.

I wish you all the happiness and hope of Easter and the opportunity of new life through the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Easter Blessings

Best wishes

Rev’d John Saxon