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Important dates

Tuesday May 15th 8.00-9.00pm 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer activity St Pauls

Christian Aid Week May 10th -20th

Friday May 18th 'Sundowners and Sale' 6.00-7.30pm. There will be our usual Raffle, cakes and jams and plants. Refreshments will be of the savoury variety.

There will be a chance to raise a glass to Prince Harry and Meghan as the Royal Wedding is the following day.

Church opening.

Should you wish to visit the church for contemplation or to have a look around please contact Tracey Thurgood Buss (01799 523358) who will orgainse for it to be opened for you.

The May letter from John Saxon

Dear Friends

For many of us the words of the Lord’s prayer are perhaps familiar. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ from the opening lines of this prayer that Jesus taught his disciples (see Matthew chapter 6 verses 9-13) is the name given to an initiative of prayer started by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016. It is now a global prayer movement with Christians in many different countries committing to pray for their communities between Pentecost and Ascension (10 – 20 May this year).

Prayer is still popular with six people in seven saying they would resort to prayer when facing difficulties, according to a report commissioned by the Church of England in 2013. The Bishop of St Albans, the Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith said: “Prayer is one of the most natural and instinctive of human responses.” This is certainly a reason why so many of us almost automatically utter a prayer when faced with challenging circumstance, and we naturally turn to prayer at times of great joy and jubilation also. A fact also highlighted in this report is that not as many people pray in church as they once used to. This perhaps reflects that spirituality and faith is still relevant in many people’s lives nowadays but the need to join religious organisations for this to be expressed has waned. Many of you reading this are, therefore, open to prayer for things in your life and the church would love to help you here!

You may not know, but there is a committed group of people from Wimbish church who meet fortnightly to pray together and particularly to pray for the community of Wimbish. Of course, you would be welcome to join us! We meet fortnightly, 6-6.30pm, Wednesday, 9 and 23 May this month. Even so, we would love to know how we can pray for the local community and even individuals. To this end, please do let us have any prayer requests you may have. They can be completely anonymous and general or quite specific, but please respect confidentiality. Put them in an envelope and mark them ‘Prayer Request’ and leave them with somebody you know from church or in the prayer request box at St Paul’s Mission Hall.


The churches of Debden and Wimbish will be joining for our own ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer activity, Tuesday 15 May, 8-9pm at St Paul’s mission Hall. Do join us if you wish. However, if you want to try praying for yourself, go to www.trypraying.co.uk for an app to give you some help or get in touch with me for a booklet.


Yours prayerfully,

Revd John Saxon