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Important dates

Saturday July 21st 2pm-4pm "God in Us" - a quiet afternoon at the Church finishing with strawberries and cream

Saturday September 1st Afternoon Tea at the Church followed by Evensong at 5.30pm

Church opening.

Should you wish to visit the church for contemplation or to have a look around please contact Tracey Thurgood Buss (01799 523358) who will arrange for the church to be opened .

The July/August letter from John Saxon

Dear Friends

As I write this, it is coming up to a year since Dawn and I moved here – how time flies! We very much enjoy living here and appreciate your welcome and support. Our life changed quite dramatically since leaving Colchester. We left the secure and familiar and moved onto something new. For us, our transition was good. However, as the end of the school year approaches, we can sense some eagerness and excited anticipation, tinged perhaps with a little bit of nostalgia and worry, as children look to their next year with a new class and teacher or even a new school! For those of us not involved in education, we still face transitions in our lives; job changes with new managers and colleagues arriving, a new posting as a service family or even the delight of a new birth in the family.

So, whether we relish the prospect of new challenges or not, we all have to learn to cope with them and the transitions that inevitably come our way in the journey through life. As adults, with experience of past changes, we can perhaps temper our fears and uncertainties with recollections of times past where nervous anticipation was groundless in the reality of a successful new chapter evolving in our lives. In this case, as parents, we can be in a good position to empathise with the uncertainty our children feel as the end of the school year approaches, particularly if they are moving onto the next phase of education.

We do, though, need to be real in our circumstances, and as I have said before, in the bible the Psalmists cry out with all sorts of real emotions. Harking back to good times is one of them – read Psalm 42! Yet, they look forward in hope too, to a loving God and choose to trust in him and praise him. It is always good to have family and friends around us as we prepare and plan for changes in our lives; to face the challenges and uncertainties they bring, particularly if we find ourselves looking back. When we find ourselves in these circumstances, as did the Prophet Jeremiah writing in the bible in Lamentations chapter 3, we need to renew our trust and hope that things can change again, for the better. For Jeremiah realised of God ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness…therefore I will hope in him’.

Whatever changes may be ahead as this school year ends, or in life in general, I hope and pray that you may always know new mercies in the Lord, day by day.

Yours in Christ,

Revd John Saxon